Welcome at Larch-Wood!


Agentur Jaap Beijnes BV is an independent lumber-trader and agent active on the European market.

Acting both as an intermediary and for own account we trade both soft- and hardwoods as well as semi-finished and finished products according to buyers’ specifications.

We offer window components and edge-glued panels in pine, oak and Siberian larch as well as decking in yellow balau, bangkirai, treated radiata pine and larch. 

The product range is currently sourced in Europe, China, Russia, Malaysia, Indonesia, New Zealand and the United States. 

Main species/products are Siberian larch, pinus radiata, cedar, douglas fir, oak, meranti, majau, yellow balau, bangkirai. 

Heat-treated European hardwoods will become available soon. 

Old barn wood in various forms can be offered too. Engineered-flooring in various qualities and ranges are obtainable on FOB basis.